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Fuji Pro 800Z

I rarely shoot color because I always visualize things first in black and white. If I do have to shoot color, it will almost always be Fuji Pro 800Z, formerly NPZ. It is a lush, saturated film with good mid-tones, and fine grain especially for its high speed.

It is not a subdued, restrained film which was the dominant look before the rise of digital. It has a painterly feel and a riotous palette. I normally pull it a full stop, sometimes under exposing it a quarter stop.

Click on the images below to see larger scans from the negs.


pillow fight, LA 2008

pillow fight, LA 2008 © Doug Kim

wren & xique, huntington gardens, pasadena

wren & xique, huntington gardens, pasadena © Doug Kim

cheryl, downtown LA

cheryl, downtown LA © Doug Kim

the tree with the lights in it

“Many newly sighted people speak well of the world, and teach us how dull is our own vision. To one patient, a human hand, unrecognized, is ‘something bright and then holes.’ Shown a bunch of grapes, a boy calls out ‘It is dark, blue and shiny….It isn’t smooth, it has bumps and hollows.’ A little girl visits a garden. She is greatly astonished, and can scarcely be persuaded to answer, stands speechless in front of the tree, which she only names by taking hold of it, and then as ‘the tree with the lights in it.'”

Annie Dillard, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek

francis & noelia, los angeles; Nikon F5, 35-70mm, Tri-x

francis & noelia, los angeles; Nikon F5, 35-70mm, Kodak Tri-X © Doug Kim

Cheryl & Her Kick Ass, Cheap Ass Glasses

I met Cheryl on the set of a movie when we were both extras. I have only photographed her once before, several years ago in LA, and the camera absolutely loves her. We were both surprised to find out that the other had recently moved to New York. This photo was taken with my Nikon F5, the great 85mm f1.4 lens, and Tri-X. I do not remember where she bought her glasses, but she only paid a few bucks for them.

cheryl in chelsea

Cheryl in Chelsea © Doug Kim