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Talladega Infield Party

250,000 people, boiled peanuts, off-duty strippers, fathers begging daughters to show strange men their boobs to get a free shot of bourbon.

Welcome to the Talladega Infield Party.

Oh, and there was a race.


a legion of off-duty strippers © Doug Kim


these guys were pointing at a 59 year old woman whom they convinced to do her first beer bong. it did not stay down for long © Doug Kim


every row was tit row, every pit tit pit © Doug Kim


i can still smell this guy's breath, like a Southern Comfort and sweet tea breeze © Doug Kim


the two things outsiders don't know about NASCAR races: it is largely a family event and it takes a lot of money to attend © Doug Kim


a moveable debauch © Doug Kim


you have no idea how smart these guys are © Doug Kim


you can make such friends in Talladega © Doug Kim

Shot with a Leica M6 TTL, 35mm summicron, Kodak Tri-x.

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One Way to Shower at NASCAR

After four days at Phoenix International Raceway for the fall NASCAR race in October 2008, John Z. decided to shower on our last morning there. Only fools would bother with the showers that were a hundred yards away.

showering with your boots on

showering with your boots on © Doug Kim