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This is one of those shots that when I saw the proof sheet, it was exactly how I visualized the image when i took it on the street. Film’s delayed visual response means continual surprises, good and bad, which is such a vital part of the process.

Cartier-Bresson said that his proof sheets contain such garbage that he would not show them to anyone. Ansel Adams would speak of finishing the day’s work, carrying his gear back to his car on a four hour hike, wondering if he managed to get anything.

It is an image that does not get a very big response from people that have seen it, yet it remains a favorite.

Galway, Ireland, Nikon F5, 35-70mm, Tri-X

Galway, Ireland, Nikon F5, 35-70mm, Kodak Tri-X © Doug Kim

Matt Umanov Guitars

Matt Umanov Guitars on Bleeker has nothing to offer for classical or flamenco players, but I still like to stop by and browse. This particular visit a customer had brought in a Dobro to sell. It was heavily corroded, had a beautiful green patina and a great Dobro voice.

Matt Umanov Guitars, Leica, Kodak Tri-X

Zeke, Matt Umanov Guitars, Leica M6 TTL, Kodak Tri-X © Doug Kim

Shanghai | Fuzhou Road

As a street shooter, there are times when you are handed a gift, a situation where it’s fish in a barrel and you have been carrying a loaded shotgun all day. This image is from Shanghai on Fuzhou Road a few blocks away from The Bund. It was morning rush hour and my friend Robb had just crossed the street. The light was red so I just stood in the crosswalk and took my time composing and metering the shot because this great line up could not go anywhere.

If you click on the image to view the larger version, you can see the unhappy mugs in the center who were none too pleased to have me take their photo.

fuzhou road, shanghai, Leica M6 TTL, 35mm sumicron, Tri-x

Fuzhou Road, Shanghai, Leica M6 TTL, 35mm sumicron, Kodak Tri-X © Doug Kim

Raining in Dublin

I had been walking and shooting all day when the gloomy heavy sky finally turned into a downpour. I was tired and the streets were emptying so there was less incentive for me to stay out shooting. As I headed back to my hostel, I passed this apartment on Lower Camden St., with this guy holding a pot out in the rain, trying to fill it with water.

I took their photo and we all burst out laughing. It is not a great image by any means and that day was not very productive, but I still smile when I look at this shot.

raining in dublin, Nikon F5, 35-70mm, Tri-X

Raining in Dublin, Nikon F5, 35-70mm, Kodak Tri-X © Doug Kim

The Met

I love museums. Architecture for most means fixating on the outer form of a building. For me the quality of the interior space defined by this form is paramount.

These spaces can be such quiet mazes, winding through somber, reflective rooms.

the metropolitan museum of art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art © Doug Kim


Last October, I was on a working gig in South Africa. My friend Steve and I were able to visit Soweto but we could only spend a few hours there because of our schedule. Soweto is an amazing organic sprawl, a self-contained megalopolis of corrugated metal and dirt. The line between documentation and exploitation is very fine and as rich as the imagery was there, I chose to take only a few photos. I was able to speak enough Zulu to make people laugh at me which helped break the ice, but many spoke English or Afrikaans so it was easy enough to communicate.

Steve and I had a great lunch there, in one of the upscale neighborhoods in the hills: oxtail soup and pap. I can still remember sitting there looking at the empty bowl, clutching the spoon, wishing for just one more scoop.


shot with a Nikon D800 and the 80-200mm f2.8 © Doug Kim

shot with Leica M6 TTL 0.58, 35mm summicron, Tri-x

shot with Leica M6 TTL 0.58, 35mm summicron, Tri-x © Doug Kim

shot with Leica M6 TTL 0.58, 35mm summicron, Tri-x

shot with Leica M6 TTL 0.58, 35mm summicron, Tri-x © Doug Kim

shot with Nikon D300, 35-70mm

shot with Nikon D800, 35-70mm © Doug Kim

Cheryl & Her Kick Ass, Cheap Ass Glasses

I met Cheryl on the set of a movie when we were both extras. I have only photographed her once before, several years ago in LA, and the camera absolutely loves her. We were both surprised to find out that the other had recently moved to New York. This photo was taken with my Nikon F5, the great 85mm f1.4 lens, and Tri-X. I do not remember where she bought her glasses, but she only paid a few bucks for them.

cheryl in chelsea

Cheryl in Chelsea © Doug Kim

One Way to Shower at NASCAR

After four days at Phoenix International Raceway for the fall NASCAR race in October 2008, John Z. decided to shower on our last morning there. Only fools would bother with the showers that were a hundred yards away.

showering with your boots on

showering with your boots on © Doug Kim