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Peter Belanger | MacWorld Magazine Cover Shoot

Peter Belanger has created an entertaining and informative time lapse video of his creation of a MacWorld magazine cover. The video follows the entire process from shooting in the studio to post production to design. It is a great insight into the world of studio and product photography all the way to the end result.

Click here to read his post about the video and click here for more of Peter’s great slick work.

I have a few friends who love the process of product photography: hours and hours in the studio, tweaking dental mirrors for bounce highlights, a fort of cards built up around the table, weekends spent testing and experimenting. Though there is a lot of money to be made in product shooting, thank God for my friends who love it because I do not get it.

There can be a chasm between those who document and capture, and those who create. It is obvious which school I belong to, but I must say I am completely in awe of the technical prowess of product shooters.

Helmut Newton | Fuck you money

Helmut Newton said that looking back, he admitted that he had sold his soul “like a whore.” He badly needed and wanted the money for years. It was only until he had enough of what he called “fuck you money” in the bank that he could do what he wanted to on shoots and pursue his own projects.

helmut newton

Helmut Newton

Helmut Newton, Monaco, 98

Helmut Newton, Monaco, 1998

Arnold Newman

Photography is 1% percent inspiration and 99% moving furniture.

Arnold Newman, the master of the environmental portrait.


Pablo Picasso, Cannes, 1956


Woody Allen, New York, 1996


Yasuo Kuniyoshi, New York, 1941


Igor Stravinsky, New York, 1946

Willem de Kooning, New York, 1959

Willem de Kooning, New York, 1959

Henri Cartier-Bresson | Martine’s Legs, 1968

Henri Cartier-Bresson rarely shot women in an intimate, sensual manner. His famous image of Marilyn Monroe on the set of The Misfits is more of a comment on celebrity than anything remotely erotic.

The photo of his wife Martine Franck, however, is a delicate image, charged with the latent promise of those intertwined legs.

martine's legs

martine's legs, henri cartier-bresson

Jean Seberg | Breathless

I am completely in love with Jean Seberg in Godard’s Breathless. The pixie haircut, the endless smoking, those sunglasses, and that Dior dress.  I never succumb to fandom with celebrities and I haven’t seen her other work, but for this slice of time in 1960 and for this film, she was absolutely sublime.

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Chris Buck | Portraits

Celebrity photographers in general do not do much for me. Many times their images are technically astounding, perfectly lit, and handsomely styled, but the results can be dead and unimaginative. There are also those photographers that are overly clever and much too conscious of their own style and their efforts are contrived and feel false. In both cases, the viewer ends up focusing on the clothes more than anything else.

I really like many of Chris Buck’s images, however, and his stellar use of props.

Bil Buford by Chris Buck

Bil Buford by Chris Buck

Steve Martin by Chris Buck

Steve Martin by Chris Buck

Philip Seymour Hoffman by Chris Buck

Philip Seymour Hoffman by Chris Buck