Eugene Atget | La Villette, rue Asselin, 1921

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La Villette, rue Asselin © Eugene Atget, 1921

La Villette, rue Asselin © Eugene Atget, 1921

Atget’s importance is unquestioned. If I started out to criticize, it was from disappointment. I had expected a flame, and found but a warm glow. What I admire most of all is the man’s simple honesty. He has no bag of tricks. He makes me feel ashamed in recalling certain prints — most all destroyed now — in which I found myself trying to call attention with cleverness, or shall I say by a forced viewpoint — for I hope I have never been cheaply clever!

And recalling the usual “Photo Salon” of pretty trees, romantic nudes, sentimental postures, Atget stands out, so very far apart, in extraordinary dignity.

- Edward Weston

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