Loredana Nemes | Assdov, 2009

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Assdov, 2009 © Loredana Nemes

Assdov, 2009 © Loredana Nemes

Through my pictures I’m showing the glimpse of the outsider, of the “other” Berliner. My photographs are not a project about Turkish, Lebanese or Azerbaijani people, but rather an expression of our thinking and of our feelings, the fear of the unknown, the uneasy feeling of observing these mysterious, closed spaces. The windows behind which I portrayed these men are in the true sense of the word a pattern, according to which we classify strangers in our minds. Strangeness dominates my exhibition and this is the very center of my work. It shows borders and walls, which in my opinion are in place there, among cultures. Why do we fear them?

- Loredana Nemes

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