André Kertész | The Distortions, 1933

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Distortion Number 40, Andre Kertesz

Distortion Number 40, Andre Kertesz

A Hungarian friend of mine introduced me to the editor of the magazine “Le Sourire,” a very French sort of magazine–satiric, risqué. Many artists worked for this publication. They had never published photos before. The editor asked me to do something. I bought two distorting mirrors in the flea market–the kind of thing you find in amusement parks. With existing light and an old lens invented by Hugo Meyer, I achieved amusing impressions. Some images like sculptures, others grotesque and frightening. I took about 140 photographs in a month, working two or three times a week. “Le Sourire” published a couple of them, and we planned a book, but it had to wait forty years to be published–but that is another story.

-André Kertész, Kertész on Kertész

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