Balance is the gift of the Creator.

-B.K.S. Iyengar

Alexandra, 31 mos., <i>Virabhadrasana III “Warrior III Pose"</i> © Doug Kim

Alexandra, 31 mos., Virabhadrasana III “Warrior III Pose" © Doug Kim

Perhaps my favorite image in my book Born Yogis is this one of Alexandra, a firecracker of a girl. I was at her home in Point Mugu, north of Los Angeles, getting to know her, warming up and playing around with her. Many times the greatest comfort zone for babies or toddlers is their parents bed so we went there, the light was good so I encouraged her to play around.

She began jumping around on the bed with little encouragement. We were laughing and both taking turns bouncing around. And then that was it, the window closed, her time performing and playing with me was finished. Shooting babies and kids is the greatest lesson in taking only what is given.

A couple of days later, looking at the contact sheet, this image popped. The fraction of a second, catching Alexandra in that perfect moment of grace and balance, joy in her face, play in her body, hands ready for flight, that moment of pure magic, filling the room with light.

I absolutely love this image. Still.

Alexandra continues to be a firecracker and lives in France now with her family.

Shot with a Nikon F5, Agfa APX 400, 28-70mm Nikkor.