Terry Richardson | Sisley “Farming” Campain 2001

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I have friends that absolutely hate Terry Richardson and I have friends that own some of his prints

He has created such a unique, bizarre psychosexual world that what can be dangerous and unfortunate are the “porn chic” copycats like Dov Charney of American Apparel that seek to create their own Terry World. The legal actions by the models against Charney speak to the pitfalls of sexual participation by a photographer. Richardson seems to have successfully excised any predatory roles in his playground games.

My rule is that I’d never ask anyone to do anything I wouldn’t do myself…that’s how it’s got to go this far. At first, I’d just want to do a few nude shots, so I’d take off my clothes, too. I’d even give the camera to the model and get her to shoot me for a while. It’s about creating a vibe, getting people relaxed and excited. When that happens, you can do anything.

-Terry Richardson

This is the Sisley campaign series from 2001 which garnered massive awareness of Richardson in the mainstream, featuring Liliana Dominguez , Josie Maran, and others.

Porn kind of bums me out because there is so much sadness and pain in that world. So little joy or even pleasure. I don’t use porn or even go to strip clubs, like a lot of my friends. I don’t like to exploit anybody. That’s not my bag. Everyone has fun on my shoots.

-Terry Richardson

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4 Comments on “Terry Richardson | Sisley “Farming” Campain 2001

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    Amazing, thank you for putting this together!!

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