A local woman in Prague who understood that I was not interested in seeing castles and shopping, told me to go to Žižkov to see the baby tower. This was one of the final projects of the communist era, a massive radio tower meant to block Radio Free Europe and provide communications for the Warsaw Pact. The tower was resented by the locals as it destroyed the beautiful skyline of the western hills in Prague and was a megalomaniac eyesore. It was finished just as the wall fell and never went into operation to fulfill its original purpose.

In 2000, David Černý was commissioned for an installation and he created these large, faceless babies crawling on its surface. The local woman told me that when she was growing up, they believed the tower was over a radioactive spot and the neighborhood kids shunned the location because of the disturbing faceless mutant babies.


Žižkov Television Tower Babies by David Černý, Leica M6, 50mm summicron © Doug Kim