I rarely shoot color because I always visualize things first in black and white. If I do have to shoot color, it will almost always be Fuji Pro 800Z, formerly NPZ. It is a lush, saturated film with good mid-tones, and fine grain especially for its high speed.

It is not a subdued, restrained film which was the dominant look before the rise of digital. It has a painterly feel and a riotous palette. I normally pull it a full stop, sometimes under exposing it a quarter stop.

Click on the images below to see larger scans from the negs.


pillow fight, LA 2008

pillow fight, LA 2008 © Doug Kim

wren & xique, huntington gardens, pasadena

wren & xique, huntington gardens, pasadena © Doug Kim

cheryl, downtown LA

cheryl, downtown LA © Doug Kim