This little girl is dropping in on the deep end of the combi bowl at Glendale. That’s a nine foot drop and the combi is slick and technical. She had just turned six years old the week before this photo was taken. I could barely skate that bowl and I never dropped in on the deep end. When she finished her runs, she could not get out of the bowl by herself; she was way too short and there was way too much vert. Her mom would lie down on the lip and hold a deck down into the bowl for her daughter to grab onto, then drag her up and out.

This picture captures her at that great moment when the weight has been shifted from the back foot to the front foot, the point of no return has been passed, the front wheels haven’t slammed down yet and its more falling than skating. The fraction of a second before this, its all anticipation, standing on top of the lip, looking down at the flat. The fraction of a second after this, its all rushing speed as you shift your feet and weight to get ready for the first pump and trick.

This was taken sometime in 2004. Hope she’s still skating because I am not.

the combi bowl at Glendale

the combi bowl, Verdugo Skate Park, Glendale © Doug Kim